SecuraStock was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 2011. Our mission statement is to create and build the most reliable, versatile, easy-to-use and lowest cost automated solutions for inventory management in the world. 

After extensive Alpha and Beta field testing, we launched our flagship SecuraStock “Green Machine” to market in 2013. We currently have thousands of machines in operation in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

SecuraStock is the world’s only vertically integrated company, from machine design to production to in-house software development. Because we are vertically integrated, machine modifications and enhancements are under our control and we are able to rapidly respond to new markets and customer needs. Quite literally, every part of our machines are built to our specs. Many machine features are proprietary, patented SecuraStock designs. We boast the only fully patented vending system in the world.  You can browse the ever-growing list of our patents here: http://www.3strike.com/patents.

Because we are so confident in the reliability of our machines, we offer, by far, the strongest warranty in the industry: three years on all parts.

We are constantly exploring ways to expand our product offering a low-cost system for storerooms, Connex containers, and trailers.  These new products provide our customers with the ability to manage many more SKUs, in different work environments with the same software and reporting controls as our SecuraStock vending system. 

The SecuraStock team has a wealth of experience in the industrial distribution industry.  With expertise in Sales, Technical Support, Service, Marketing, and Distribution, we are here to help ensure that the acquisition, sales and installation of your machines is a smooth and seamless process.  Aside from our Technical Support abilities, we provide the necessary digital tools to supply your customers with and to further promote the SecuraStock brands.  From manuals and tutorials, to promotional media and images, we have what you need to provide your customers with the peace of mind that they are purchasing a solution based around simplicity and efficiency.

These, and other factors, provide our distributors with 50-70% lower dispensing costs per SKU than other vending machines.  This enables them to employ vending machines and utilize the benefits of a vending solution in many more situations than previously possible.

Development of SecuraStock products was, and continues to be, shaped by three familiar Paradigm Shifts.

Zipper Merge

  • When two lanes merge into a single lane on a highway, it does not create mass carnage.

  • After driver training, zipper merges reduce traffic by 40% and do not increase accidents.

  • After initial training on SecuraStock machines, employees understand how to scan items in and out of the machine.

  • It feels natural and familiar, just like shopping at a favorite store.

Physical keyboards on mobile devices

  • Old phones worked even with cracked screens and had easy to use keyboards.

  • Touch screens enabled easy to use features, and marginalized old phones.

  • Just as iPhones ballooned the mobile phone market size, our machines are dramatically increasing the scope of what can be vended cost-effectively.

  • Flexibility and end-user satisfaction more than compensate for legacy features.

​​​Jewelry stores don’t have 24/7 armed guards

  • Shoppers know they are on camera and will be identified if they steal.

  • Products in vending machines are a fraction of the cost of jewelry pieces.

  • Employees know their movements are being recorded by our machine.

  • Stealing gloves or tools, with the possibility of getting caught, is not worth risking one's job.

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