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Cutting Edge Affordable RFID Multi-Bin Kanban System

Storage Capacity

  • Handles up to 4 point of use stations.

  • Storage: Unlimited SKUs and thousands of individual pieces


Security Features

  • Database access security.




  • Dimensions: 13 high x 13 wide x 13 deep, w/1" pockets on each side.

  • Weight: 50 lbs.

  • Ships: 23 high x 20 wide x 18 deep, Regular ground in a custom fit padded foam box enclosure. No LTL or special handling required.


  • Dimensions: 52 high x 30 wide x 32 deep

  • Weight: ____ lbs.

  • Ships: Regular ground in a custom fit padded foam box enclosure. No LTL or special handling required.


Best Applications

  • Any production area with ongoing need for resupply especially where an existing Kanban multi-bin system is used


  • Accommodates any range of products and bin type

  • Increase speed of reordering capabilities

  • Greater accuracy than manual tracking systems

  • Proprietary last mile cross-referencing bin process

  • All-in cost up to 5x less than other RFID systems

  • 99% reuse of RFID tags

  • Tracking for hundreds of SKUs

  • Handles up to 4 point of use stations

  • Best in world 3-year warranty

  • Easiest system to service by distributor personnel

  • Maintains power even during outage

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • iResupply reads and confirms the RFID tag

  • Transmits data to the SecuraTrack

  • SecuraStock software stores RFID inventory data

  • Provides transaction level info & generates reorders

  • Adapts to any bin currently used by customers

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