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Storage Capacity

  • Potential for multiple SKUs, up to half a shelf's worth.

Security Features

  • Separate lock and selectable system allowing only those you choose to access the secured Zone

  • Access can restricted by department or even by individual user


  • Dimensions: Half Shelf Width, Full Shelf Height and Depth

Best Applications

  • Securing high cost items inside a SecuraStock machine

  • Can have different items in each Zone with a potential of up to a total of 6 different Zones in one machine for secure item flexibility

Maximum Security Accessory for Flagship SecuraStock Machines


  • Secondary level of Security for items (dual level of user authentication)

  • Up to 6 options of locations inside Securastock Machine
  • Multiple options of Zone type soon to be available including:
    • Glass Front (shown below)
    • Tray
    • RFID
    • And more!
  • Backed up by our Anti-Theft Guarantee.
  • All Zones come in our Machine colors and preinstalled in new Machines.


  • The concept behind this Machine was inspired by an actual customer based in Texas, USA.

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