Technical Support Business Hours


SecuraStock Technical Support Staff is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST), excluding USA holidays.

SecuraStock Technical Support requests can be submitted by email or phone 24/7.  SecuraStock does not staff on-call, technical after-hours support.

How to Contact Support

When users contact Technical Support, their request will be entered into our tracking system resulting in a unique ticket number. This ticket number will be provided to the customer and will be left open until it is resolved. Each time a user contacts Support with a different question or issue, a new ticket will be entered into the system.

Support Site: Customers can log into our Support Site to contact support, update tickets or check issue and ticket statuses, download checklists, manuals, data templates, and all other tools.  This is accessible to all registered SecuraStock users at:


Email Support:  Users can submit a ticket directly through the Support Site or via email to:  THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO RECEIVE THE MOST EXPEDIENT RESPONSE.


Call: 1-844-SECURA-S

Priority response are given to situations dealing with Fully Inoperable failures, which are defined as machine does not function due to:

  1. Lock mechanism failure: The lock on the machine fails to function, either remains locked or remains open.

  2. Scanning failure: Users are unable to scan/record anything into the system.

  3. Authentication failure: Not a single user can authenticate to access the system. 


Customers reporting these cases should be readily available for additional follow-up questions or troubleshooting to prevent delays in resolutions. We also suggest putting "Fully Inoperable" in the email subject.  Target response time is under two business hours. 


Phone Support:

  • Calls initiated by SecuraStock Support are not subject to a phone support fees.

  • Calls for assistance with a Fully Inoperable failure do not incur any additional fees.


Phone Installation Support

Installation Support provides customers with one-to-one assistance with SecuraStock Installers. This type of support must be scheduled at a minimum 2 business days in advance.  When scheduled ahead of time SecuraStock will provide up to 2 hours at no charge, and any additional time after that will be charged at a rate of $145 per hour.


SecuraCrib / SecuraPort: Pre-Work and Installation

Planning support for SecuraCrib and SecuraPort installations will be provided and quoted on an as needed basis.

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