COVID-19 UPDATE: While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, SecuraStock is waiving our $144/hr charge for Remote Installations.  Remote Installation includes live video conference with our Installers via any video software that works for you, and remote installation tools sent free of charge. In addition, we are now offering virtual Product and Software demos.  “Attend” demos from our Cleveland showroom safely and conveniently from any location in the world.  Schedule yours here!

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High Tech Portable, Remote, & Affordable Inventory Management

Create a virtual, on demand, zero social interaction system in minutes. 

Request any item without need for face to face interaction

Storage Capacity

  • Unlimited SKUs and thousands of individual pieces.

  • Unlimited Users


  • Dimensions: 13” high x 13” wide x 13” deep, w/1" pockets on each side.

  • Weight: 50 lbs.

  • Ships:  23” high x 20” wide x 18” deep, Regular ground in a custom fit padded foam box enclosure. No LTL or special handling required.​


Best Applications

  • Turns any space into an automated showroom

  • Works in permanent and temporary/emergency facilities

  • Where inventory tracking is important security is not critical

  • Manned storerooms and POU free issue products

  • Submit & fulfill requisitions for anything remotely

  • Fits on standard cart for complete portability

  • Unlimited asset tracking ideal for supplies, tools, etc.


  • Quick plug-n-play setup

  • Accommodates any range of products

  • Asset tracking: check in/check out, FOD

  • Automatic electronic transaction notification

  • 4-hour back up power

  • Software resides where you decide

  • In person and remote training included


  • Virtual Storeroom Cube

  • Monitor – with 10’ extended cable

  • Barcode Scanner – with 6’ extended cable

  • Ethernet cord – 15’ extended

  • 4-hour back up battery

  • Instructional Graphic Strip Decals 

  • Manual Keys

  • Laminated On-demand entry sheet

  • Optional: Universal Badge Reader

  • Optional:

  • Optional: Camera Surveillance System

  • Optional:  Service Vehicle kit (take Virtual Storeroom on the road)

  • Reliable 3-year warranty on all parts

  • Easy product returns for immediate reuse

  • Automated calibration and expiry date tracking

  • Report tracking to job, equipment or cost center

  • Doesn’t lose power, even if your stocking location does

  • Cloud synchronization for real time monitoring/reporting

  • Transactions can be monitored from anywhere in the world

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